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   Gun Control Debates
     why I own a gun (video)

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I was a boy scout. Made it all the way to Eagle rank. I'll never forget the boy scout motto: Be Prepared.

What's wrong with being prepared? Why do I get criticized for wanting to ensure my survival? Face it, the United States is a different place than Europe. Wouldn't you agree that you wouldn't want to be here due to it's 'unsafeness'? But here I am. I'm patriotic, I love my country. In my opinion it's the best place to live. I enjoy my freedoms. Yet freedoms come at a cost.

2 years ago something happened to me that I really never thought would. I was with two friends walking on the side of a bridge in our neighborhood. It was dark, around 10pm. Then from a car in a nearby alley way ~7 older teenagers (17-19) emerged and followed us across the bridge. We tried to walk away quickly but they ran and caught up to us. We were surrounded. They started to taunt us and demanded our wallets and phones. When we refused they sent one of them to the car claiming they had a gun. Thankfully one of my friends was a cross country runner and broke through them and escaped. One of the gangsters trailed him down under the bridge and across the creek. The other one was returning from the car, hand in pocket. We were scared for our lives at this point. If it wasn't for my friend escaping and calling the police we would have been beaten to a pulp. The police showed up as they started their attack on us. Punching and shoving..  They could've easily pushed us right off the bridge. As the police showed up they fled, probably off to assault someone elsewhere.

I could have seen this going down without anyone getting harmed if i had a gun though. Just a quick brandishing of it would have deterred them, i wouldn't have been beaten, and they probably would have been discouraged from robbing someone else. If not that, a warning shot would have done nicely, would've alerted the police sooner too.

I really have no intention of killing anyone with my guns. Even if worst came to worst I would have at least had the option of a non lethal shot. Not every gun shot means someone dies. In that case I, the person minding my own business, would be unharmed and they, the crime instigators, would be wounded, but alive to regret their mistake...

In the United States having a concealed carry permit does not warrant you to use lethal force for just anything. There are cases in which you could be tried for murder for killing someone for protecting your property.. In my state at least, there is a program you have to go through before you can legally carry. It includes classroom sessions as well as target competency. So not any ol guy can come get a license and "protect his property" by killing the suspect and missing a bunch and killing innocents.  

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Multiple pages for this topic [ 1 2 ]

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Multiple pages for this topic [ 1 2 ]
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