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   Gun Control Debates
      Society vs. The Individual?
       Individual gun rights

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[color=maroon]I have seen this question come up many times.  Like our Canadian friend in the previous post, a large portion of the public fails to understand the issues. I would like to examine a few of these points here, to wit:

1) It is NOT a matter of "individual rights" vs. "society's rights".  Very simply, society is made up of individuals.  The very structure of society depends on the existence of each person.  In other words, society and the individual cannot be separated.  Our founding fathers realized this when they drafted our constitution.  Recognizing that in order to have a truly free society, not subject to despotic government control, the right of the people to keep and bear arms could not be infringed.

2) Countries which embrace socialism/collectivism are much more accepting of gun control.  Canadians, with their totally socialized healthcare system and other gov't controlled systems, feel that if their gov't. wants gun control, it must be a good thing.  The U.S. is a capitalistic republic.  It is a society which has been built by the blood, sweat and tears of its individuals.  No one has ever given the U.S. what it needed to succeed.  It is our individualism which is the driving force behind our tremendous creativity and technological advancements.  It has only been since we have become a wealthy society that our socialist/liberal left has had the free-time and finances to push their anti-individual agenda.  Without the wealth and freedom generated by our individuals, these socialist/liberal leftists would all be in prison or worse.  The failure to see this interconnection is why leftists do not appear to be particularly bright to the rest of us.  In other words, they want to bite off the hand that feeds and protects them.  

3) "Gun control" is a smokescreen for the greatest majority of hardcore anti-gun rights people.  Their true avowed objective is the eventual confiscation of all guns/weapons of resistance.  As socialists through history have noted, a populace who is able to resist gov't oppression is extremely difficult to control.  The liberal left feels that gov't. force (at the muzzle-end of a gun) is the solution to individuals who disagree with excessive taxation, individuals expressing their right of free speech if it doesn't reflect the "party line" and people not quaking in their boots when the almighty gov't. gives an order.  The left depends on their collective lackeys to strong-arm people into compliance.  Equality is a concept that applies to the "rest of society" and not to them, the socialist elite.  A great example of this is the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.  O'Donnell verbally assaulted "all" gun owners by saying anyone with a gun (other than gov't.) should be thrown in jail.  It turns out that Rosie's private bodyguard not only has a gun but a concealed weapons permit.  Feinstein and Boxer both have gun permits yet they are constantly screaming about taking guns out of the hands of individuals.  This is typical liberal-left elitism.  They think that since they are the "visionaries" of leftist ideals, they are above the rest of society.  

Our constitution is an anethma to the true liberal left.  The fact that it recognizes all people as individuals with inalienable rights, is completely opposite to what socialism tries to do.  Think of how many gov'ts have used the excuse for "the good of society" to deny human rights, steal money, property and possesions from its people and to imprison those who disagree.  Socialism depends on force to crush resistance to their unaturally repressive policies.

4) The anti-gun nuts insist that the constitution does NOT give the people the right of self-defense.  In fact, it is considered the price of living in a collectivist society if you have to give your life, watch your wife be raped and murdered or your child kidnapped and abused, so that the rest of society can live without violence.  They believe that society is a living, breathing entity different from the individual.  The individual is NOT important.  Only society's greater needs count.  Once again, this a concept as foreign to true Americans as free speech is to Cuba.

Self defense is considered selfishness and non-cooperative.  However, the "elite" of the socialists all have specialized protection including guns/bodyguards of their own.  They consider themselves "society" and therefore should be protected at all costs.

5) In a society where everyone (with exception of felons and psychos) has a legal right to own a gun, carry it concealed and use it in self-defense, person-on-person crime is too dangerous for most criminals.  The anti-gun nuts predicted "...blood running in the streets" as many states adopted concealed weapon permits.  Not only has that NOT happened but in virtually every state where permits have been approved, violent crime has dropped markedly.  Suddenly the anti-gunners changed their tactics and said that it was the "Brady Law" which has supressed violent crime.  They quietly swept the "blood running in the streets" position under the rug acting as if they had never said it.

6) Anti-gun nuts justify their "massaging" data, exagerating information and outright lying by saying the end justifies the means.  It is considered OK to lie if it is to "improve society as a whole".  Who decides what will improve society as a whole?  Why the liberal left elitists do.  Their inaccuracies would almost be comical if they didn't sway the less-informed, the ignorant, the "emotion-vote" and many young people with their lies.

Anyway, Canada is not a good example of a gun controlled society.  Since such harsh gun control measures are fairly recent, it will take Canada a few years to reach the percentage increases in violent crime which is plaguing Britain and Australia.  But it will happen.  As criminals become more comfortable that their victims are unarmed sitting ducks, you too will get to experience the increase in assault, rape and robbery like your sister anti-gun countries.

Just remember, only law abiding people follow gun laws.  The criminals ignore them and easily buy their guns on the black market.  In fact, organized crime loves the idea of gun prohibition.  It creates another market for the smuggling and sale of firearms.


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