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   Gun Control Debates
     Gun CONTROL
       I beleive in Gun Control not its ban.

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I personally have a CCW and carry a handgun everywhere I go.  I beleive strongly in controling the sale of guns to those who are law abiding citizens.  To carry a lethal weapon on the streets is a big responsability and shouldn't be given to someone with a bad track record.  They just might in a moment of anger do something stupid.  The constitution was written like law.  If you want to be protected by the law then you must abide by it.  I think we should control but not ban guns.  Recently congress passed a new bill allowing adults to carry concealed weapons on school grounds.  What are the benefits to this?  Well if some criminal wants to bring a gun to school nothing is going to stop him.  On the other hand to get a CCW you must abide by the law.  So therefore by allowing good citizens to carry on school grounds they might be able to prevent some tradgedy from happening.  Like columbine.  Imagine if a teacher could have stopped the kids before they slaughtered so many.  It is sad that they would have to die.  But it is better that a killer be killed then hundreds of innocent people be killed.

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